LIC Jeevan Saral

LIC Jeevan Saral

Information Related to LIC Jeevan Saral:

  • It is a plan having good features consisting of conventional plans as well as other unit linked plans.
  • It is a life insurance plan that is offered by LIC of India. Owing to the plan, the proposer will be getting 250 times monthly premium, total premium as well as LA is case of death. The policy holder will get the following things.
  • Smooth return
  • Flexibility and liquidity
  • High life cover

You can do a booking for jeevan saral policy of LIC of India due to its features. You can start your jeevan saral policy at rates 2350, 500, 1000, 200, 3000 and of any cost owing to your wish since no upper limit has been defined. For working males or females, it is advised for them to pay a monthly premium of 3063.

Benefits Offered By LIC Jeevan Saral Policy:

  • It is similar to a post office or to the scheme of recurring deposit. You can deposit the Money monthly, yearly, quarterly or half yearly in schemes of LIC.
  • It offers a monthly recurring type scheme.
  • Maturity that you will get is free of tax owing to section 10-10d contained in income tax act.
  • Money that has been deposited is liable for exemption owing to income tax act’s section 80c.
  • LIC jeevan saral policy can be continued even after 10 years.
  • in death case, money that will be given is 250 times of monthly premium plus the total premium that has been paid subtracting the premium and extra premium paid for 1st year and then LA is also added if it is payable.
  • Suppose if you do not remember to take maturity when 10 years end then the return will be paid to you after 10 years. This scheme does not exist in case of post office.

LIC Jeevan Saral Special Features:

  • At a very low premium you will get high life cover.
  • After premium payment of 3 years, risk cover gets extended for 1 year.
  • With help of term riders, you can get a high cover which is available as an option.
  • Maximum term can be selected by you if you take its policy but it can also be changed.

LIC Online Premium Payment:

  • Payment for life insurance policies can be done through an option of net banking.
  • Essential condition for this is to enroll in online customer web site of Life insurance of India.
  • After enrollment, you can make payment with help of option’ pay premium online’. Click this option and respond accordingly. After you have done payment, a digital receipt will be generated and sent in your e mail.
  • For any assistance, customer care executives can be contacted.
  • LIC jeevan saral chart is even available online. Necessary information regarding policies can be obtained through LIC jeevan saral chart.

Contact Us For:

  • You can contact them for availing information regarding jeevan saral policy and ATM plan 165 of jeevan saral.
  • New insurance policies of life insurance of India can be bought by calling at 9820934872. This number is for Mumbai city.
  • You can also e mail them at

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